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The Ultimate Guide To Wholesale Business Name Ideas

When setting up your own business, it can be pretty tricky to know where to begin. A great place to start is by creating your business name. But, how do you come up with wholesale business name ideas? 

Fear not! This guide to wholesale business name ideas will equip you with all the knowledge you need to plan a thriving wholesale business name. Read on for instructions on using the wholesale business name generator, analyzing successful wholesale business names, and more.

One-Word Wholesale Business Name Ideas

I came up with these one-word wholesale business name ideas using the wholesale business name generator. I started the process by brainstorming words associated with the wholesale industry like ‘bulk’, ‘brand’, and ‘bargain’. Then, I filtered the wholesale business name generator results to show only one-word names. After that, I simply selected the names I liked best!

  • Bargainsio
  • Bulkorama
  • Bulkzen
  • Bargainjet
  • WholesaleHut
  • Brandza
  • Jumbozilla
  • Costadora
  • QualityOps
  • Costbea
  • Jumbogenics
  • Sellex
  • Buytastic
  • Marketn
  • Buyporium

Tips On Creating A One-Word Wholesale Business Name

To create a one-word wholesale business name, you must first consider the word which best reflects your brand. This one word could be based on your prices, the service you offer, or it could be your name.

Once you have found this word, try putting it into the wholesale business name generator for some unique configurations of the word. Then, shortlist the results you like best and perhaps consult with your business partners, family, or friends to make the final decision.

Rhyming Wholesale Business Name Ideas

To come up with these rhyming wholesale business name ideas, I simply used the same words I developed for my one-word business name ideas. Then, I selected the rhyming filter on the wholesale business name generator to find rhyming names.

  • Market Meet
  • Sell Spark
  • Market Momentum
  • Brainy Buy
  • Volume Vendor
  • Bargain Balance
  • Brand Beyond
  • Brand Barn
  • Bulk Bandit
  • Bulk Boy
  • Wholesale Wonderland
  • Wholesale Wings
  • Product Panther
  • Cost Crusade
  • Quality Queen

Tips For Creating A Rhyming Wholesale Business Name

To create your own rhyming wholesale business name, try using words representing your business’s selling point. These can be words associated with the quality or cost of your products. Then, place these words into the wholesale business name generator. From the results, select the names you like best.

Try using words representing your business’s selling point!

Metaphorical Wholesale Business Name Ideas

To develop these metaphorical wholesale business name ideas, I started by brainstorming famous characters, icons, places, and animals. The words I came up with included ‘whale’, ‘Elvis’, and ‘Cinderella’. Popular iconography works well to create a metaphorical business name that stands out.

  • Gatsby Beyond
  • Elvis Network
  • Midas Market
  • Cinderella Ultra
  • Zeus Wholesale
  • Thor Market
  • Robinhood Go
  • Madonna Supplies
  • Whale Wholesale
  • Dragon Sales
  • Beast Supplies
  • Jester Wholesale
  • Joker Go
  • Hearth Wholesale
  • Lion Bargain

Tips For Creating A Metaphorical Wholesale Business Name

To come up with your own metaphorical wholesale business name, try thinking about popular icons that represent the values or strengths of your business. For instance, if your business is setting out to provide luxury wholesale products, you might use imagery associated with affluence, such as ‘Midas’ or ‘Gatsby’. Once you have found an icon representing your brand’s values, you can use the wholesale business name generator to bring your name to life.

Some name ideas for you:

  • Order Pros
  • Strict Supply
  • Store Supply
  • Grateful Goods
  • Wholesale Goods
  • Bulk Demand
  • Bulk Supply
  • Buy In Bulk
  • You To Retail
  • Glorious Goods
  • Whole Supply
  • Fully Stocked
  • Sale To Sell
  • Doctor Large
  • BiggerBasket
  • 100in1
  • All in One
  • Bunch of Things
  • Many Things
  • Retail Bros
  • Supply Haven
  • Goods For All
  • Bulk Supplies
  • Bulk Bounty
  • Better In Bulk
  • Bulk Goods
  • Bulk Buyers
  • Large Basket
  • Big Jack
  • MegaBoom
  • AllShop
  • AllStore
  • AllMarket
  • Pearl Market
  • Big Market
  • Market Plus
  • Wholesy
  • Gigantic
  • Enormous
  • CrazyBig
  • Large Zone
  • Retail Zone
  • Wholesale Zone
  • Boom Market
  • Titan Shop

Best Real-World Wholesale Business Names

Here are some of the best real-world wholesale business names to give you an idea of what makes a wholesale business name catchy.


How Did BrandBoom Get Its Name?
BrandBoom is an eCommerce wholesale selling platform. The platform is designed to help leading fashion design brands increase their sales and visibility. The marketplace gets its name for its purpose – to push brands forward and stimulate a BOOM in sales.

Why Is BrandBoom A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
BrandBoom is a thriving wholesale business name as it reflects exactly what the business does and makes it clear that the platform is designed to promote brands. The alliteration created with the word boom makes the name more catchy, and the word boom creates a powerful image that helps the brand stick in the minds of consumers and sellers.

Morva Stone

How Did Morva Stone Get Its Name?
Morva Stone is a wholesale business that specializes in supplying stone to contractors, developers, architects, and homeowners for construction. Morva stone offers high-quality stone and is a family business that has been up and running for over 62 years. Morva is the family name of the founders.

Why Is Morva Stone A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Morva Stone is a successful wholesale business name as the name flows well with the gentle vowel and consonant sounds. The name is also representative of the legacy created by the Morva family and allows the family to leave their mark on the business.


How Did Faire Get Its Name?
Faire is a wholesaler that helps local furniture entrepreneurs to gain more exposure for their products and increase sales. The company’s goal is to level the playing field, allowing smaller businesses to compete with larger eCommerce platforms like Amazon. The name ‘Faire’ is reflective of the desire for fairness underpinning the company’s values. The word faire is also a middle English word that means ‘beautiful’.

Why Is Faire A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Faire is a successful wholesale business name as it is short and snappy, yet it communicates the company’s values and its main goal perfectly. The name is also a middle English word which gives the brand a folky and earthy feel. The pleasant connotations of the idea of fairness set the tone that this brand is trustworthy and ethical.

Most Successful Wholesale Businesses

Here are some of the most wholesale businesses to give you insight into how their names were created, and why they have driven these brands towards success.


How Did Bwanaz Get Its Name?
Bwanaz is a world-class online wholesale platform described as a fusion marketplace. The reason for the name Bwanaz has yet to be explained. However, one can assume that Bwanaz is simply a unique made-up word, created to help the business stand out.

Why Is Bwanaz A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Bwanaz is a successful wholesale business name because it is a unique and made-up word. The name is a word that has most likely never passed the lips of consumers before, making them more likely to remember it. Consumers may be drawn to Bwanaz first when looking for a wholesale retailer, as the name instills a sense of intrigue.


How Did Alibaba Get Its Name?
Alibaba is based on middle-eastern folklore. The tale One Thousand and One Nights features Ali Baba’s character, and the wholesale business used this name to inspire their company name. The business originated in the middle east, and the name reflects the company’s origins.

Why Is Alibaba A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Alibaba is a successful wholesale business name as it takes advantage of the popularity and widespread knowledge of folk tales. Since Ali Baba from the famed One Thousand and One Nights is a household name in the Middle East, consumers will feel immediately connected to the name. Using famous characters and icons helps create a sense of familiarity with consumers, and they will feel more connected with your branding.


How Did Costco Get Its Name?
Costco is a household name in the US and is one of the leading wholesalers. The name Costco comes from the business’s original name ‘Cost Company’, which was shortened to create the wholesale business name Costco. The name reflects the company’s focus on cost and providing fair prices on wholesale items for consumers.

Why Is Costco A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Costco is a successful business name because it places its selling point at the forefront of its branding. The brand’s focus on cost makes it an appealing option for those looking for the best deal, and they will be drawn to the name that focuses on price above all else.


How Did Michaels Get Its Name?
Michaels is a wholesale giant named after its founder, an expert in merchandising, Michael Dupey. Retail analysts have described Michael Dupeys as a ‘merchandising genius’. Michaels is an arts and crafts wholesale store originally opened in 1996.

Why Is Michaels A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Michaels is a successful wholesale business name. It uses the founder’s name, meaning that the chain’s success will be his legacy, and Michael Dupey will always be associated with the brand. Using his first name for the brand helps create a sense of familiarity and personalizes the brand, causing more of an emotional response in the consumer.

Use your first name for the brand!

Kringle Candle

How Did Kringle Candle Get Its Name?
Kringle candle is a wholesale candle business founded by the son of the creator of Yankee Candle. Since the most popular time of year for candle purchases is the holiday season, the name harnesses its selling point using the word Kringle. Kris Kringle is another name for Santa Claus, and this name helps the candle wholesaler dominate the candle industry during the holiday season.

Why Is Kringle Candle A Successful Wholesale Business Name?
Kringle is a successful wholesale business name as it is a unique and distinct name. As we saw with Alibaba, the use of popular folklore and religious figures can help to create an instant familiarity with your brand. When consumers recognize the name, they will become curious about what the business offers, which makes the name itself a powerful tool in capturing consumers’ attention.

How To Come Up With Wholesale Business Name Ideas

To develop your wholesale business name ideas, you can implement several tips and tricks to ensure your name is catchy and memorable. This section will cover the best naming tips to help you develop your wholesale business name ideas.

Use Popular Imagery 

Use popular imagery!

Popular imagery can be a powerful tool that helps your brand stand out and stimulates an emotional response in the consumer. If consumers recognize the name from a famous story they love, they will be more drawn to it based on their emotional connection with the renowned figure. For instance, you may use popular Hollywood icons like Elvis or fairytale characters like Hansel and Gretel. With this naming technique, you can get creative and find a popular figure that best represents your brand identity.

Use Alliteration 

Alliteration is a powerful tool to help bring two words together in a business name and make the name more cohesive and catchy. For instance, if your business name were ‘Whale Store’, you might consider changing it to ‘Whale Wholesale’ as this is rhyming and alliterative, making the name more catchy. Alliteration is a simple and easy technique to help you name your business. The wholesale business name generator even has a rhyming filter to help you find alliterative and rhyming names!

Keep It Short (And Sweet!)

The best way to ensure your wholesale business name is successful is to keep it short. Snappy and punchy names are easier to remember and won’t give consumers a headache when they try to remember them. We live in a society that uses short captions to communicate, and attention spans are getting shorter. In line with this, it’s best to choose a wholesale business name that is no more than two words; otherwise, you run the risk of consumers skimming your name or failing to remember it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

To develop a catchy business name, you must use literary devices like alliteration and rhyme. You can also try keeping your name short, making it more impactful.

To create a wholesale business name, start using some root words associated with your business goals and values. Once you have these words, you can type them into the wholesale business name generator and select the name you like best from the results.

Starting a wholesale business can be time-consuming and requires a lot of dedication. Once you have a business plan and have decided which products you would like to sell, you can start to come up with your business name.
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